A large scale seedling production program.

Forests are a source of life: they feed, maintain the balance of the earth, generate wealth and, of course, with Xaxim (Dicksonia sellowiana) is no different. Unfortunately, the export and popularity of landscaping products made with its derivatives have caused the destruction of its natural habitat and made the plant join the endangered species list.

With this problem in mind, we created the Asmazol Sustainablity Project, a program that, in addition to studying all the therapeutic benefits of xaxim, aims to rebuild Dicksonia Sellowiana population in the remaining forests and large-scale riparian forests.

Therefore, with each pruned plant, a new seedling is planted. In this way, the fern remains in its environment, without compromising its survival and we contribute to the carbon sequestration in a natural way.

The fern seedlings produced during the project will be used in the Family Farming Program of the Federal Government and the Riparian Forest Program of the State Government and, of course, in the extraction of therapeutic substances to combat asthma and various respiratory problems.