Asmazol® was developed in 1997 by Dr. Elzo Ferreira when his father was stricken with respiratory failure due to Asthma in 1996, which his father eventually died from. At the time of his father’s death, there had been no cure for the disease and only prescription fulfillments to help with the disease. Dr. Elzo Ferreira believed that everyone had the human right to breathe with ease beyond relying on expensive prescription drugs to treat the symptoms of Asthma. This set him on a journey to find a substantially dependable natural alternative. After years of research and development and several clinical trials, Dr. Elzo Ferreira created Asmazol®.

Asmazol® is a 100% natural non-synthetic herb compound derived from the rare Dicksonia Sellowania Tree Fern, “Xaxim,” native to the rain forests of Brazil.

It has been clinically proven to have naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties that contribute relief for chronic respiratory conditions by increasing Bronchodilation.

Asmazol® promotes lung capacity to successfully combating the effects of respiratory diseases like Asthma, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Allergies, common Hay Fever, and COPD.

Asmazol® is proven to be superior in the treatment of pain and chronic inflammation in the airways by block inflammation and eliminating the production and overflow of mucous fluids. This action decongests and relaxes the respiratory vessels offering them normality in breathing capacity.

Asmazol® contains:
  • Anti Oxidants to protect against cell damage
  • Anti Inflammation properties
  • Anti Bacterial properties comprised of the Xaxim extract
  • Active Polyphenols
  • Analgesic action
  • No GMOs
  • 100% Natural
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Coloring Preservatives or Flavoring

Asmazol® is a 100% natural non-synthetic herb compound that allows easy breathing without the adverse side effects of modern-day prescription drugs.

Deforestation and its derivatives are causing the destruction of the natural habitat of the Xaxim Tree Fern. As a result, this extreme lack of abundancy has placed the Dicksonia Sellowania, Xaxim, on the endangered species list. With this travesty in mind, Respira Health™ launched the Asmazol® Sustainability Initiative™, a program safeguarding the sustainability of the Xaxim Tree Fern in its environment, without compromising its survival, while also contributing the carbon sequestration in a natural, sustainable way. With each pruned Xaxim plant, a seedling is planted. The seedlings produced during the Asmazol® Sustainability Initiative™ are recycled into the Family Farming Program of the Federal Government of Brazil and The Riparian Forest Program of the State Government of Brazil with the goal of studying, researching, and extracting therapeutic substances to combat Asthma and various respiratory complications.

Asmazol® is a 100% natural non-synthetic herb compound derived from the rare Dicksonia Sellowania Tree Fern, “Xaxim,” native to the rain forests of Brazil.